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The original version of Mundaneum: Les Archives de la Connaissance was published by Les Impressions Nouvelles in Brussels in 2008. Beautifully designed by the publisher, its text was prepared by the professional staff of the Mundaneum: Raphaèle Cornille, Stéphanie Manfroid, and Manuela Valentino, the whole coordinated by Charlotte Dubray. Working within strict space limits, they produced a book filled with striking images, in color as well as black and white, drawn from the collections of the Mundaneum by Raphaèle Cornille. This pictorial emphasis necessarily limited the amount and order of text that could be included. Moreover the book was designed to be read in a movement from the provision of quickly apprehended summary information to longer sections providing more depth, and this leads to some repetition. I have both translated and adapted the book for the English version. I have been able to include almost none of the illustrations of the original French version and have selected and commented on other illustrations that I hope will add substantively to the text.


Détails de l'ouvrage:

Editions: Oxford University

Auteur : Rayward W. Boyd

Date de parution: 04-2010

Langue : EN

ISBN : 08784512939780878451296

Mundaneum: Archives of Knowledge

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